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Our lie detect system accurately tests the following:

Suspicious about your partner? A Lie detector test will provide you with clarity.

Sexual or Domestic abuse?      Victims are ignored due to lack of evidence. NOT ANY MORE!  

When there is a theft and no video evidence is available, A lie detector test is the best option.

A crime with a suspect and no evidence, can be extremely frustrating. A lie detector test can be the only way.

Drug use whilst at work or in positions of responsibility is very negligent with serious consequences. 

A short interview with an employee is never enough. uncover the truth with a lie detector test. 

Our Services

What Service We Offer

We guarantee that the results will be with you, within 1 hour of completing the test. You can request for the test to be sent to you by email or whatsapp.

An EyeDetect test for 1 individual: £449 all inclusive. Test Result GUARANTEED within 1 hr.

Lie detector test for a couple is priced at £799 all inclusive

We cater for tests across the country and have a network of meeting rooms available to us through Regus Offices. The office will provide a safe and controlled enviroment for the best possible outcome.

If you would prefer to have an EyeDetect test carried out at your home, there would be a nominal fee of £50 to accommodate the travel expences. 

Multiple tests can certainly be accommodated for at a reduced rate. Please ask for more information.

Why It Is The Best Lie Detector?

In a world full of lies and deception, the EyeDetect is exonerating the innocent and identifying the liars by analysing the microscopic movements of their eyes.

Trusted by governments, law enforcement agencies and investigators all over the world. 

How Lie Detection Technology Has Evolved

The EyeDetect is fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective.

No human error when reporting the results and no manipulation.

The Polygraph, Reinvented?

A lie detector test that does NOT feel like an interrogation. Simple to use and nonintrusive.

Unbiased results based on a high level of accuracy and NOT based on the opinion of an examiner. 

Lie Detector Uses Your Eyes To Find The Truth

The EyeDetect does not use an examiners opinion for the results. This is the most powerful lie detector test ever created that protects the innocent and exposes the guilty.

The Truth is in the eyes. Make an informed decision once you have used an EyeDetect Lie Detector Test. 

Police Using The EyeDetect

The Police in Idaho State share their honest opinion on the performance and integrity of the EyeDetect .

Law enforcement using the EyeDetect. 

Why Choose EyeDetect

We Keep Your Interests Safe & Ensure A Level of Integrity

  • Worlds most accurate Lie detector test 
  • Test on 4 areas of concern to discover any “issues.”
  • Efficiently screen lateral transfers.
  • Accurately conduct investigations and quickly find the truth.
  • Technology encourages confessions—applicants think twice about lying.
  • If required to use a polygraph, EyeDetect+ is the world’s first automated polygraph.
  • Helps in investigative interviews (pre- or post-test).
  • Theft and Infidelity is also uncovered

Trusted By...


Wyoming Highway Patrol


Northwest Fire District


Nampa Police Dept.


Kent Police Dept.


Bernalillo County Sheriff


Internet Crimes Against Children


Idaho State Police

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We Help Protect your Interests with Integrity, and an Award Winning Lie Detector System.

How To Book A Lie Detector Test

Booking a lie detector test is relatively straightforward. Simply complete the inquiry form, and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time and location for the test. Our experienced and qualified professionals will administer reliable and accurate results onsite or remotely with minimal disruption to your daily life.

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Date / Time of Test

Please submit your 3 preferred dates and times for the test to take place. Once submitted we will be in touch to confirm your test date and time.


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Booking Enquiry

Date / Time of Test

Please submit your 3 preferred dates and times for the test to take place. Once submitted we will be in touch to confirm your test date and time.