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Are You Curious About Lie Detector Test Prices UK? Many individuals are curious about the costs required to buy lie detector test for personal, legal, or employment screening purposes. We will explore factors that impact cost, typical prices you should expect, and key points you need to remember when choosing services in this article on lie detector tests and their prices in Britain.

What Affects The Cost Of a Lie Detector Test?

Examiner's Expertise and Experience:

The cost of lie detector tests depends upon the qualifications and experience of their examiners; more experienced professionals often charge more as they offer more reliable results.

Location of the Test:

The location of the test can also affect its cost. Tests conducted in large cities or busy areas might incur greater living and operating expenses, while smaller towns or rural locations might offer lower costs.


Purpose of the Test:

Your purpose for taking the test can also determine its cost, with legal or forensic tests usually costing more than personal matters due to additional analysis and documentation requirements.

Number of Questions Asked:

As more questions will require more time for analysis by an examiner and therefore have higher costs attached, this could increase test costs.

Additional Services:

Examiners often provide extra services like written reports or expert witness testimony, which can significantly increase the cost of tests.

Understanding these factors will give you a clearer idea of the cost and expectations when scheduling a lie detector test. If you want to know more about lie detector test uk price contact us and book a free lie detector test UK consultation.

Average Costs

A lie detector test in the UK typically costs between £400 and £800; many factors affect the cost, including examiner expertise, location of the test, complexity of the examination process, etc.

Here's a Breakdown of The Possible Costs

Costs for lie detector tests can differ across the UK. In London and the South East, cheap lie detector test uk are typically around £400; more expensive tests might be up to £600; they generally cost the same between South West, Midlands, East Anglia North West, and North East.

Scotland typically charges higher prices, ranging from £700 to £900 for lie detector tests; Wales prices tend to fall within this range, while in Northern Ireland, they often fall between £500 and £700.

Remember, these prices are averages; your actual test costs could differ depending on factors related to your particular circumstance.

How do lie detector test costs differ across regions?

The cost of lie detector tests varies significantly by country. Cost-of-living issues, availability of trained examiners, and demand all play an impactful part when pricing these exams.

For example, lie detector tests in the US vary wildly, with the cheapest lie detector test at $200 and the more expensive ones at $2,000. Fees might be more expensive in large cities like New York or Los Angeles than in smaller towns.

As previously discussed, in the UK, the cost typically ranges between £400 and £800 according to the average living cost; however, London’s higher living test costs may even exceed this range.

Australia and Canada may offer comparable lie detector examination rates to the UK and the US; however, prices will depend on factors like location and examiner expertise. In countries where lie detector tests are less frequently administered or where qualified examiners are scarcer, their costs may increase to reflect this shortage in services.

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We guarantee that the results will be with you, within 1 hour of completing the test. You can request for the test to be sent to you by email or whatsapp.

An EyeDetect test for 1 individual: £449 all inclusive. Test Result GUARANTEED within 1 hr.

Lie detector test for a couple is priced at £799 all inclusive

We cater for tests across the country and have a network of meeting rooms available to us through Regus Offices. The office will provide a safe and controlled enviroment for the best possible outcome.

If you would prefer to have an EyeDetect test carried out at your home, there would be a nominal fee of £50 to accommodate the travel expences. 

Multiple tests can certainly be accommodated for at a reduced rate. Please ask for more information.

Are there additional fees for lie detector tests?

Yes there can be additional fees for lie detector tests under certain situations, such as:

Travel Expenses:

Travel expenses may add significantly to the costs associated with taking a lie detector test if it requires the examiner to travel directly to you. These could include costs like gasoline for their car, train tickets or airfares for longer-distance travel.

Special Requests:

If your test requires special arrangements outside regular office hours or in an unusual place, such as outside-the-box scheduling or additional effort from the examiner, an extra cost might apply. These special requests could require extra work on behalf of their examiner as they require extra resources from them to fulfil them.

Additional Questions:

Most lie detector tests come with a predefined list of questions as part of their base price; should you wish to ask more, an extra fee may apply per question asked beyond these initial ones.

Cancellation Fees:

In certain instances, should you need to cancel or reschedule a test, there might be an administration charge as compensation for the time and preparations made ahead of your exam date. This fee covers costs related to examiner preparation as well as the time spent arranging everything beforehand.

Rush Service:

If you require the results of your lie detector test quickly, an extra fee might apply to expedite its completion and prioritise your exam over others. This service typically works faster and has higher priority over others being scheduled by examiners.

Be sure to discuss all fees associated with taking the lie detector test cheap or expensive, before booking it so you’re clear on all costs involved and won’t experience any unpleasant surprises during or after. This way, the entire cost can be known, and any surprises avoided.

Are There Industry Standards For Lie Detector Test Costs?

As with every other industry, in the realm of lie detector testing, there are certain guidelines and standards that help set costs; however, it is important to bear in mind that they can differ depending on where and who conducts them.

Guidance from Professional Associations:

Organisations that provide training and certification programs for lie detector examiners provide recommendations on pricing ranges, but these associations set no fixed prices.

Competition in the Market:

Similar to any business, lie detector tests’ costs can be heavily affected by competition in their local marketplaces. When more examiners or companies offer these exams, prices could fluctuate widely between providers – sometimes by as much as threefold!

Quality and Reputation:

Reputable companies like Lie Detector Test UK, which are known for offering reliable services, may charge more for lie detector tests as their experienced examiners typically utilise cutting-edge technologies.

While there may be general guidelines available, it’s always wise to do your own research and compare prices among different providers to find an inexpensive yet appropriate lie detector test solution that fits both your budget and needs. However, you need to keep in mind that the cheapest test might not mean the best; sometimes a cheap lie detector test might end up costing you double the price, in your reputation, relationships, or future opportunities.

Is It Expensive To Arrange For A Lie Detector Test?

Establishing a lie detector test can be costly; lie detector test price will depend on factors like location, examiner expertise, and test purpose. Tests conducted for legal cases or investigations typically cost more due to the complexity required, while tests related to more personal issues might cost less but are still not inexpensive.

Overall expenses will include the examiner’s time, equipment maintenance costs, and any travel costs to a particular location for testing. In addition, urgent or after-hours testing can increase costs considerably.

Before making your choice, you must conduct due diligence to ensure you receive reliable results for your investment. While lie detector test cost should certainly be considered when selecting an examiner, accuracy and professionalism must come first.

Lie detector test: Is It Worth It?

Lie detector tests can be invaluable assets in certain circumstances; their worth depends on context and expectations. Though their accuracy varies considerably, they should, more often than not, serve more as guides than definitive evidence.

Legal situations involving criminal cases sometimes use lie detector tests as evidence against those charged, although due to concerns over accuracy and potential false positives or negatives, they aren’t universally accepted in courts.

In Pre-employment screenings, lie detector tests can help identify candidates who may not be completely honest when providing background information about themselves. They are also useful tools in private investigations when there isn’t enough tangible evidence present to resolve disputes or clear up suspicions.

Although polygraph tests can be beneficial, it’s essential to keep in mind the emotional stress it may impose. Results may also depend on factors like anxiety levels and beliefs about oneself being truthful. So, while they may provide temporary help in an emergency, it’s essential to acknowledge their limitations and use them only as part of an overall solution rather than a final resolution.

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