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World’s Most Accurate Eye Detect Lie Detector Test, Trusted By Over 500 Examiners in Over 40 Countries.

What is EyeDetect

EyeDetect is a revolutionary, next-generation lie detector test. This lie detector test uses an infrared eye-tracking camera to measure the slightest changes in the dilation of the pupils. The result… it detects deception with 91% accuracy.

Eye Lie Detector Tests in UK​

Lie Detection, Advanced Technology That Is Scientifically Validated

As technology advances, so do the tools used to detect truth from falsehood. Historically, the polygraph system was the only lie detection system available. We now introduce you to the revolutionary, most accurate, Eye Detect Lie detector system.

Lie detector tests are used in a variety of settings, from criminal investigations to employment screenings. You can book a lie detector test if you wish to verify your own truthfulness, or someone else’s statement. 

It is no secret that lie detector tests are commonly used to detect deception and uncover the truth. An eye detect test, or ocular-motor test, is a similar method of determining if someone has been dishonest in their answers.

EyeDetect Station

The eye detect test measures involuntary movements in the eyes while someone is answering questions. When people are telling a lie, they often experience physiological changes such as an increase in heart rate and pupil dilation. During an eye detect test, these changes can be detected as minuscule movements of the eyes known as microsaccades. By studying these movements, experts can determine with high accuracy if someone may be lying or not.This form of lie detection has been used for decades by law enforcement agencies around the world in order to solve cases quickly and accurately.

Our Services

Our lie detect system accurately tests the following:

Suspicious about your partner? A Lie detector test will provide you with clarity.

Sexual or Domestic abuse?      Victims are ignored due to lack of evidence. NOT ANY MORE!  

When there is a theft and no video evidence is available, A lie detector test is the best option.

A crime with a suspect and no evidence, can be extremely frustrating. A lie detector test can be the only way.

Drug use whilst at work or in positions of responsibility is very negligent with serious consequences. 

A short interview with an employee is never enough. uncover the truth with a lie detector test. 

Eye Detect is used by the following users

Government Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies

EyeDetect Features & Benefits

Accuracy Comparison

EyeDetect boasts an impressive 91% accuracy rate, compared to the 83% accuracy of traditional polygraph tests. 


No intrusive sensors are attached to the subject. Only required to answer True/False questions on the computer. The technology does the rest. 


The Examinee will undergo an automated, computerised test. The Examiner CANNOT change the test results. The data is encrypted and tamper proof. 

Fast Results

Results GUARANTEED within 1 hour.  The report will show you the credibility score and responses to the questions. 

Why Choose EyeDetect?

Lies and deception causes very subtle changes in the behaviour of the human eye. This is caused due to an increase in cognitive load. EyeDetect uses an infrared precision, eye-tracking camera to measure these very subtle changes. These changes are then combines with the measures in a mathematically optimal manner to detect deception with a 91% accuracy

Revolutionizing Lie Detection

The EyeDetect is a next-generation, revolutionary and award-wining technology.

Home Lie Detector Tests

As certified examiners of EyeDect, we carry out lie detector tests across England, Scotland and Wales. The Lie detector test can be carried out in the comfort of your home, or at our designated office near you.

How EyeDetect Has Superseded The Polygraph?

What to expect with the Eyedetect...

High Accuracy​

Classifies offenders as truthful or deceptive with at least a 90% accuracy.


No cables, wires or other sensors to attach to the examinees.

Incorruptible & Unbiased

The human-based examiner element is eliminated, and the data is encrypted in real time.

Bank-level Security

Same encryption and physical security that banks use to protect sensitive information.


First deception detection method that effectively monitors subtle changes in the eyes to “see truth.” Fast Results – Tests take 15 minutes and results are ready in less than 5 minutes.


Tests are available in various languages.

The EyeDetect, Lie Detector

We Help Protect your Interests with Integrity, and an Award Winning Lie Detector System.

How To Book A Lie Detector Test?

Booking a lie detector test is relatively straightforward. Simply complete the inquiry form, and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time and location for the test. Our experienced and qualified professionals will administer reliable and accurate results onsite or remotely with minimal disruption to your daily life.

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Date / Time of Test

Please submit your 3 preferred dates and times for the test to take place. Once submitted we will be in touch to confirm your test date and time.